MissionSAFE provides year round programming to youth ages 14-24 through our Youth Leadership Service Corps, Summer of Leadership and Services, and Futures programs. Each program consists of age appropriate activities in the areas of leadership development, education, employment preparation, horizon broadening, and life skills/civic engagement that have been developed to help participants build on their individual assets and resilience and increase their confidence. As a result of these programs our youth are more prepared to succeed academically, socially and professionally.

In addition to the daily activities that we provide, MissionSAFE staff develop relationships with family members and school officials of the youth we work with, to ensure a continuum of care. Many of the youth we work with have experienced chronic complex trauma in their lives and benefit greatly from the sense of belonging and connection to the caring staff with whom they work.


Youth Leadership Service Corps


Core Area:  
Life Skills/Civic Engagement

To increase the social, emotional & life skills.


  • Increase capacity to manage anger and challenges
  • Increase capacity to make healthy choices.
  • Develop empathy through community service projects.
  • Engage in their communities through civic & social justice involvement.

Summer of Leadership & Service

In July and August, YLSC hosts the Summer of Leadership and Service, providing Boston teens the opportunity to develop a variety of employment and leadership skills. Each Monday, the entire program meets at Simmons College to partake in leaderships skills workshops.  Subjects include, but are not limited to: public speaking, decision making, personal finance, conflict resolution, dressing for success, interviewing for a job, college preparation, health and nutrition, and exploring nature.

From Tuesday through Thursday, approximately half of the MissionSAFE participants attend off site internship placements throughout the city.  The other half of the MissionSAFE participants are placed in on site internship placements which meet at Simmons College including  entrepreneurship, outdoor leadership and poetry. 

On Fridays, teens gather again for field trips to local museums, beaches and other venues to celebrate their efforts throughout the week.  MissionSAFE is fortunate to have the support of the John Hancock MLK Leadership program, the Boston Centers for Youth and Families, the Private Industry Council and Action for Boston Community Development and Simmons College.




MissionSAFE's Futures program serves unemployed young adults age 18 - 24 who have "stalled", or dropped out of school through a comprehensive, holistic approach to addressing youth violence, chronic complex trauma, school truancy and related challenges. This is often an individualized approach, depending on each participant’s needs, assets and circumstances.

Futures is a social, intervention and prevention program because we not only help youth navigate violent situations but also work to prevent violent acts from occuring in the first place.

As participants demonstrate success in the program we connect youth with job training, stipended internships, educational pathways and more – and support them along the way.