Stories of Hope: Christian


At age 16, Christian discovered that MissionSAFE provided the best of both worlds.  He wanted to become more independent by earning his own money (MissionSAFE offers a stipend for our young people) while developing skills to succeed in school and life.  Since coming to MissionSAFE, Christian has honed his social skills by being exposed to different types of environments and interacting with a variety of stakeholders.  He thanks MissionSAFE for teaching him how to stay professional in a workplace and make smarter, more conscientious decisions with money.

Now 19, Christian has come a long way because of targeted character development programming.  He has become a leader at MissionSAFE, working his way up to becoming a Youth Worker and providing support for the full time staff members.  Christian recently started Year Up, an intensive year long program that provides urban youth with job skills training and internships.  

Christian’s favorite thing about MissionSAFE is the welcoming staff and diverse youth.  He says that MissionSAFE is a great place to start bettering oneself, as MissionSAFE is “inviting and supportive”.  His advice is “you get what you put into it, so it’s important to put in the effort in order to make one’s time here a fun and educational experience”.  We are so proud of Christian and are excited to see what he does with his future!  Want to see more stories like Christian’s?